Welcome to Our Place was first opened in 1997 by Director, Dottie James who is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC-S).

We are a visitation and exchange program for families who have been ordered supervised visitation by the courts. 

Our center offers a safe and supportive environment for children and families to visit, who have been affected by domestic violence, child abuse, and divorce. 

We offer in-office supervised visits, supervised away or in-home visits, and exchange services as approved by the courts. 

Hours of operation: We are by appointment only. Visits are scheduled evenings through the week, Sundays, and some holidays.

Typically the courts do not contact us with orders, so if you have recently received a court order for supervised visitation, please contact: Welcome To Our Place to be scheduled.
5625 N. High St          Suite 10           Worthington OH 43085         Phone: 614-888-1690 


Children have the right to experience a safe, quiet and peaceful exchange between their parents or those designated by the court to be involved in the exchange of the children. When the visit is supervised, the children have the same right to experience a safe, quiet, peaceful visit with the visiting party. Our rules of exchange are meant to bring about these ends for the children.