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Anyone who is not named in the court order must be approved to visit by the custodial party. Please provide WTOP with a list of approved visitors. WTOP needs notification of additional approved visitors at least one week ahead of time. The supervised party will provide all food, drink, diapers etc… unless otherwise agreed upon by custodial family. 

Demeanor: The visit is meant to be an enjoyable, relaxed experience for the children. In order to promote the child’s welfare, WTOP will not tolerate abusive talk or behavior, negative remarks about the other parent or family members, discussion of the case in front of the children, intoxication, smoking, cussing, whispering, note passing, cell phone use, or foreign languages spoken without interpretation. Other special policies may apply and will be discussed during the initial orientation.

Discontinued Service:  Threatening or abusive behavior, or unwillingness to follow rules, may lead to loss of service. Recommencing service may require extra supervision paid for by the non-compliant party.

NO cell phone use during visitations ... please turn off all devices prior to entering the facility. 

Reports: Each supervised event is documented. Upon request and with a signed release, these reports will be faxed to all pertinent parties, including attorneys and guardian ad litems. Files will not be released to visiting parties unless they are pro se. Documents will then be copied one week prior to the court date with a copy charge of .10 per page. All other parties, attorney's, and GAL will be faxed notes weekly. 

Court Appearance Cost: $100/hr (2 hr min.) $50./hr after.  Minimum to be paid by requesting party in advance. Please note that staff and administration will only testify in critical or criminal cases that they are witness to during supervision or exchange. 



Welcome to Our Place (WTOP) is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN). Membership allows our center access to a network of agencies and individuals who share our committment to the safety and conflict-free visitation and exchanges. SVN is a multi-national organization.  

We are also fortunate to be involved in numerous trainings, regional and national conferences, as well as access to resources from entities such as the Florida State University's Institute for Family Violence Studies. It is from this institute that a model program was developed which many agencies emulate. SVN has put together a Standards and Guidelines Task Force and all members are looking forward to the outome. Credentialing is yet another topic which the network is interested in and WTOP supports this effort.  

Please take a few minutes and read about the SVN on their Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/SVNworldwide?sk=wall