Welcome to Our Place, Inc.
Family Supervised Visitation Center
Call Us At: 614-888-1690
Fax us at 614-898-6108 
or email wtop1690@gmail.com

Payment: $30.00  per hour Office Visits
                     $50.00   per hour Offsite Visits
                     $60.00  Orientation Fee  (Per Family) Visiting party typically pays the orientation fee  
                                     unless designated per a court order, or otherwise agreed upon. 

Made by cash, check/money order, or Venmo prior to the start of each visit. Scheduling is contingent upon payment. Most court orders will outline how payment is to be made. If not, then the visiting party will incur such charges until agreement is reached. 

Scheduling:  Welcome to Our Place (WTOP) is open by appointment only. Visits may be scheduled weekday evenings and all day Sundays. Court ordered days and times will be followed, unless previous bookings necessitate a change. WTOP reserves the right to adjust the schedule at any time during services. 

Logistics:  The visiting party must arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled visitation time. The custodial party will arrive at the scheduled time with the child. The custodial party must leave the building and return at the end of the visit. Visiting parties will remain behind for 10 minutes allowing the custodial party and child to leave our office without incident. All parties are kept separate. All parties must adhere to these guidelines, as being on time is important for facilitating a smooth exchange with the children. 

WTOP requires a 24 hour notice of cancellation. In the event of a same day cancellation, the canceling party will owe for the scheduled time of visitation or exchange. If there is a no show, the party who does not show will owe for the cost of the entire visit or exchange and will need to pay for the next scheduled visit in advance. There will be no exceptions made. Please note that the most important thing to remember is that the children, are expecting to see the visiting party and are often confused about why they are not there. If both parties fail to show, the entire cost of the visit will be divided. 

If two scheduled visits or exchanges are missed, your family may be taken off the schedule. Parties must then call to reschedule and pay all costs incurred before scheduling another visit.


Cost:          $20 each exchange 
Intake fee: $60 per family (non-refundable)
Location:    Welcome To Our Place only
By Appointment Only 

Logistics: The party bringing the child is to arrive 10 minutes early while the party leaving with child is to arrive at the designated time. 

The party leaving with the child will leave first. The exchange should take about 5 minutes. The drop-off party waits an additional 10 minutes to ensure an uneventful transfer.

Demeanor: Both parties are to be punctual. If either party is intoxicated, WTOP will stop the exchange, place the child with the other party and report the incident to Children Services. 

Any changes or disagreements are to be worked out between the parties before or after the exchange. WTOP will not negotiate between the parties in the presence of the children.